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What does it cost?


The parameters of your brief will be particular to you, and as such our fee structure is similarly flexible.  Please contact us to discuss your brief in more detail, however you should know up front that we charge :

  • an initial Retention Fee** per office involved in your search  – this validates you as a ‘purchaser with intent’ and guarantees that we do not take on any other client with the same brief as you – we never play our clients off against one another.
  • a Success Fee, usually payable upon exchange of contracts, which in most instances is a % of the purchase price (currently between 1.75% and 2.25%, as at September 2016)

Each client is different, and at this point, you may not realise what you will want us to do for you and a reduced fee percentage may be applicable.   

Stacks has vast experience in identifying and delivering all aspects of your move, and part of our skill is stepping in to help where needed, whilst always being aware of the bits you want or need to do yourselves.

Click Here  if you would like to know more about our full package.

Click Here if you are familiar with your chosen destination.

Click Here  if you are unsure where you might move to, for optional one-off services that we can offer that may help, before committing to retaining us fully.

**We are pleased to now be able to accept credit card payments for the Retention Fee.