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How can we help if you’re not sure where you want to live

not sure where you want to move to yet

If you are making a bigger move to a new patch, but are not sure where you should go yet, there may be wider concerns to be addressed first.  Before taking the plunge with appointing a Buying Agent to find your new home, there are some aspects of our overall service that may help firm up your brief, and these can be arranged before fully retaining us.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Orientation Day
  • School Viewing Day
  • Living In …. Report
  • Planning for Post Completion
  • Project Management

Our daily rate is £300 plus VAT, deductible from our retention fee, but please call us to discuss how best we can help you, as each situation is unique.

Stacks’ breadth of coverage means that we know an awful lot about many areas, and our 30 years of experience in happily matching people with homes in the right areas for them means we can provide an Initial Consultation to discuss the very basics of your decision to relocate, which can be invaluable in establishing your search parameters and chosen destination.

It may be that an Orientation day,  out in the car with the Regional Director, will help you understand an area in more depth, and help you refine your wishlist realistically within your budget.

If schools are a priority, our partner The Good Schools Guide can provide excellent personalised help for you and your children in choosing a school, however you may just prefer to have a School Viewing Day accompanied by us to visit specific private or state schools to help narrow your area of search.

As a natural part of our service we will compile information on the amenities in your new area such as childcare, fitness classes, hobbies and activities, church communities, and of course practical information on doctors, dentists and the daily commute.  If this is of help prior to your search we can provide this as an informative “Living in ….” Report that, on every occasion, is created afresh,  specifically for you and your family’s interests and requirements.

An often daunting part of the process are the practicalities of moving, perhaps for the first time in years.  We can assist in all aspects of this, and have a large directory of tried and tested local tradesmen and suppliers who will make this all easier for you.   One of our more innovative services was to move beehives between properties, but it doesn’t have to be that exotic ! Planning for Post-completion help is a flexible feast, but could include removal companies, storage companies, architects, builders,  interior designers, cleaners, etc.  Stacks can screen, appoint or supervise these services as required by you, and of course, attendance on completion day to retrieve the keys, check the property condition, take meter readings etc is all part of the service.

Some clients require project management for works to their new property, and this is also something that we can undertake and is priced accordingly.

The Stacks Full Package  is genuinely bespoke and will include a myriad of individual items not listed here, however all of these service strands can be selected compartmentally if you prefer.  To understand our fee structure in general, click here  but please do discuss your search with us in order to get an accurate cost.