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How can we help if you already know where you want to live?

i already know where I want to live

Whilst we would extol the all-round benefits of the Complete Service, some clients who know their area well prefer to retain us just for unearthing the perfect property (just The Search) which will include sourcing those being quietly marketed or a specific property that may not even be available at the moment.

This is often suitable for clients who require discretion in their private business dealings – for example they may worry that a premium may be put on the property if the identity of the purchaser was known –  as well as those who would not want to relinquish control of the process to a third party – they may be a tough negotiator, or a property professional in their own right.

However it may be that the search is the enjoyable bit as far as you are concerned, and it is the annoying haggling, due diligence and legal wrangling that is just too daunting or time-consuming to be bothered with!  Stacks also has clients who contact us only when they have chosen their property and require our professional services for just The Negotiation and The Advice to secure the deal for them, or even just seeing the purchase through to The Success once it has been agreed.

The parameters of your brief will be particular to you, and as such our fee structure is similarly flexible.  Please contact us to discuss your brief in more detail, however to know more about our fee structure, click here .

If you are more flexible about the geography of your search, Stacks can help you narrow down your choices

Other services which may also be bolted on to create your bespoke search include :