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Divorce & Property

property priorities in a divorce

With one in three marriages ending in divorce, it’s a sad fact that a significant number of property sales and purchasers in the current slow market are as a result of a failed relationship.

If you have found yourself in the position of the buyer of a house resulting from a split of assets from any cause, you may find Potential Pitfalls a useful read.

Selling a house in which a marriage has foundered is a sad process in itself, but the prospect of leaving a cherished home and launching yourself into the process of finding a new one – coupled with the reality that half the money buys less than half the house – it’s no great surprise that summoning the enthusiasm to do the legwork is an added pressure that clients often outsource to a Buying Agent.

Newly separated purchasers can struggle in coming to terms with the kind of house they find themselves in the market for. Rachel Johnston, Regional Director, says “Our advice to buyers is generally to think long term; but when I’m advising newly separated clients my advice is frequently to do the exact opposite – think short term. Flexibility is the key, keep your options open, give yourself a chance to start thinking clearly before you rush into something. You are likely to be hurt, angry and vulnerable – never a good place to start making decisions.”

If this is your dilemma, Rachel has collated Stacks’ key words of guidance  on formulating your Property plan of action, which may help to clarify your thought processes, plus Practical Advice on what to do next, including Selling your House after a Split.

For those considering the benefits of retaining a Property Finder, the usual advantages can be even more crucial at this difficult time.

  • Free up Time and Resources : There are no doubt plenty of other things that are demanding your attention, and it is likely that you have even less time than usual to devote to viewing and evaluating properties. Stacks will be continuously ‘on the case’, only bringing your attention to options when they are real contenders.
  • Impartial Property knowledge : The added security of trusting someone who has ‘done all of this before’ is not to be under-rated when the usual touchstones of advice are feeling a little wobbly. Getting the best price on the property you want will never be more important than at this juncture – and that is our pledge.
  • On your side – without the emotional obligations : If you are used to discussing decisions with someone else, your Buying Agent can step into the role, most significantly without bringing emotional baggage of a friend or relative who, with the best will in the world, will have opinions on what they think is best for you. This impartial sounding board is most evidently of value when you are at the end of your emotional tether and the very last thing you want to do is worry about someone else’s feelings  – when all you want to do is scream when the reality of downsizing slaps you in the face !

Do get in touch if you find yourself wishing that someone could take the house hunt burden from your To-Do List. Learn more about our Service here.