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buying the family home

Getting the best schooling for your child is often cited as the #1 reason for moving house, but think hard first about all that that choice entails – for your whole family !

Rachel Johnston, Regional Director of Stacks Property Search & Acquisition, says, “Two kids at a middle of the road private boarding school equals the cost of financing about £500,000 worth of house. So you need to weigh up the pros and cons. Will either look after you in your dotage?! Which will offer the best return on investment?

If we *knew* our child was going to be the next Prime Minister, then perhaps we could make a future-proof *correct* decision when choosing a school, but for those whose children defy the Civil Service pigeon-hole, Rachel provides some food for thought when mulling over this crucial life decision ….

  • Paying for the term fees is not the only expense at private school.  If your child is the only one who can’t go on the ski trip, will they be grateful for all they have in real terms, or just aware of what the top 1% have, whilst they do not ?
  • Many schools have a vast array of buses coming in from long distances, and so physical proximity to the school may not be such a crucial factor, but do pay attention to the length of the bus journey as that can add significantly to your child’s day  (which = exhaustion and arguments over homework!)
  • Is a better house, with a garden to play in, and friends in the village away from school actually a more positive life experience than high pressure, intensive schooling ?
  • Whilst it seems that school is crucially important, it is actually only a few short years, and as long as these are relatively happy and productive, providing a comfortable nest to which the children and grand kids will choose to return regularly – may be that is the best gift you can give them ?

So, how are you feeling now ?  Need more on how should that decision be implemented if …

the school is the be-all-and-end-all ?

a good house is the foundation of a happy childhood, but when should you involve the children in the process ?

schools are not an issue for you ?