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Building Plots

Building plots are sought after in the UK property market

Planning to ‘Grand Design’ yourself to happiness ? First, don’t lose the plot !

As it becomes harder to find the perfect home, purchasers are increasingly believing that the answer to their problem lies in either building the dream property on an empty site, or dramatically recreating an existing building. Ten to fifteen percent of our initial enquiries are from people looking for a site on which to build; but 90% of these people are seriously uninformed about the reality of the project they have in mind.” says Rachel Johnston of Stacks Property Search, Regional Director for Northamptonshire & Buckinghamshire.

“Good sites are very difficult to find. Building your own home is certainly not a cheap option. Purchasers will find themselves in competition with developers whose costs are lower, so if they succeed in outbidding a professional, they will find that their margins are very tight indeed. As an exercise, building your own house is perhaps most useful for purchasers whose needs are so specific they are unable to find an existing property that suits.

Anyone trying to find one for themselves needs plenty of patience and tenacity. Here are some tips  gleaned from years of experience from the professional property hunters, Stacks.

Stacks has further advice  for prospective DIY builders once you have found a potential plot.  For clarification on parcels of ‘Unregistered Land” click Here.

And don’t forget, you can always call on the professionals :

“Buying agents can be invaluable in finding land for prospective self builders. Not only will you be first to hear when a potential site is coming to the market, you will also be viewed as a serious buyer by any agent involved.

“Our strong relationships with local estate agents often ensures that we hear about land for sale before, or as soon as, it comes onto the market. Estate agents are often keen to involve buying agents in land sales that are notoriously difficult to market. A piece of land, or dilapidated building, that is difficult to photograph and present, may attract a lot of interest, but often much of the interest comes from buyers who aren’t serious.

“A buying agent’s local contacts are essential to finding building plots. Land often sells by word of mouth within the local area so a serious buyer needs to have eyes and ears in the area on a daily basis.”

“As buying agents, we also ensure buyers aren’t making a big mistake. Buyers are often so excited to find a suitable plot that they overlook problems and disadvantages, especially locational, in the joy of the moment! We can also help with planning issues, and look at the costs involved compared with the likely finished value of the property.”


Click here and here to explore Northamptonshire, the #SecretShire, a perfect location for your self-build.

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