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House hunting in the Secret Shire Northants

It is time to move – Let the soul-searching begin!

Moving house has always been a major life decision, but more than ever before, home buyers are moving not only to a new house, but also changing community, town or even country.

Rachel Johnston of Stacks Property Search suggests that, rather than compiling a wishlist of features your new home must have, this type of move gives an opportunity to re-evaluate every aspect of how you and your family exist, and make changes for the better.

“Make sure you know what your priorities are in life, and consider where you’ll be in five, ten and twenty years’ time. For families, schools are a priority, so identify all the school options, and further education, before setting your heart on one area.

“Look at entertainment for all members of the family – not all similarly sized towns offer similar facilities. Be prepared to look beyond the area you have chosen – widening the radius by a couple of miles can take in towns that differ dramatically.

“If you choose to move to the country and go somewhere very rural, think about the must-haves – shopping, vets, doctors etc. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that your rural surroundings will provide you with your playground – some rural areas are completely inaccessible, especially if fields are full of stock. Woods, National Trust land, or areas with plenty of footpaths are important if you’re to get out and experience your new surroundings, rather than just look at them.

“Don’t buy acreage by accident i.e. :“You’ve found the perfect house, in the perfect location, but it just happens to come with 50 acres”. Not all land is highly valued financially, and even five acres needs looking after and uses up valuable resources in the shape of time and money.

“Consider the cost and availability of human resources. Can you find builders, decorators, cleaners, babysitters etc etc. These services can seriously compromise your quality of life if they are insufficient – or even non-existent. In more rural areas you not only have to find someone, but also wait for them to be available. Even if it’s just someone to fix computer system, it may be a couple of days. So make sure you’ve pre-identified your support network, both domestic and professional, if it’s important to you.

“If part of your move is about gaining space, don’t forget to factor in the cost of maintenance.”

A Property Hunter like Rachel Johnston can assist you and your family in evaluating all the priorities in your lives.  Call now to discuss ‘where should I live ?’ in Northamptonshire or Buckinghamshire with Rachel or to find out how Stacks can help with your house hunting dilemma elsewhere in the country, visit

Time taken now to navel-gaze and soul-search all angles of your lives and the implications of these revelations increase the chance of a ‘happily ever after’ in your new home.


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