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Stacks Property Finders for Northamptonshire

In our time-strapped lives, we are all increasingly ready to use our earnings to ‘buy ourselves time’ to enjoy the fruits of our hard work without compromising on the quality of life for those most important to us.  If an ironing service allows you time to watch your children’s football practice, or a dog walker ensures that you can keep a family pet in the best of health during the week whilst working your full time job, then services previously considered luxuries – such as a property search agent working on your behalf – seem less luxurious and more like common sense.

When you consider the context of buying a home is one of the most important financial and emotional decisions we face in life, using a Property Finder and being professionally represented in the deal – in the same  way that a seller is represented by an estate agent in the process – is not only advisable, it is self-evidently sensible !

As your Buying Agent, Stacks Northamptonshire can save you time, stress and heartache by supporting you through house hunting to help you achieve your dream home.

Now you’ve seen the TV programmes, and you like the idea of ‘getting help’ but exactly what are the advantages  a Property Finder can bring to your property search ?

Even if you are just browsing, you’ll find a wealth of free information and guidance in the House Hunting’ area, which is regularly updated.

If you are relocating, you can also find out more about the glories of Northamptonshire, the #SecretShire, and follow the local news and views.

Remarkably it is still a little known county for those outside its environs : with the beauty of Warwickshire, the character of Oxfordshire, the convenience of Buckinghamshire  – and the price of Northamptonshire – perhaps it is a county you should get to know ?

For more information please call Rachel on +44 (0)7502 406688 for an informal chat and to make arrangements for a free consultation.